Venessa King Vic Keller April 29, 2022

Venessa King

Venessa brings 15+ years of operations experience and strategic direction to EV.

In her role she serves as operating partner to portfolio companies and evaluates new private investment opportunities. Venessa started her career at Dynatron Software, a proprietary software company that integrates technology, data analysis, process optimization, and consulting for the automotive industry, where she quickly advanced to lead operations, project management, training, and customer service.

She then joined Vic Keller’s executive team, leading Nexemo, an e-commerce B2B purchasing platform for the automotive industry. In 2017, she joined Vic in private equity, transferring her skills to various industries.

Venessa has continued to hone her skills and focus on operations, business strategy, e-commerce, technology integrations, process improvement, financial performance, and strategic direction.

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