Our Ethos Vic Keller May 13, 2022

Our Ethos

We are authentic operators. As an entrepreneur and founder who has personally built over a dozen companies and gone through the process of transitioning and exiting his businesses post-acquisition, Vic knows firsthand and respects the position that sellers are in. Whether a seller is staying involved post-transaction in some capacity, or promptly exiting, we care about the relationship and foster a collaborative approach throughout the process.

We put people first. We understand that businesses are built by people. We are active operators who get to know the team. We respect the legacy and foundation of what each person on the team has contributed and we appreciate their ongoing value to the organization. We enjoy working with high-functioning, outcome-driven teams who desire to be their best each day, who play to win, and who operate with unwavering integrity, complementing our own approach.

We provide unique access and exclusivity to multiply each company’s access to valuable resources. We are selective with who we work with and strive to match the right investors with the right companies. We deploy our team’s decades of experience as operators and our broader network of advisors as an extension of a company’s leadership team. We work alongside the company’s leaders to guide corporate strategy, sales & marketing strategy, brand positioning, and operational excellence. We implement best practices and technology to every function. We authentically understand that sometimes challenges come up. We bring proven leadership, whether we’re navigating choppy waters or maximizing enterprise value.

We bring a true partnership to those we work with, whether that is a founder, an owner, an investor, a lender, a team member, a customer, or a supplier. We believe in real relationships and we develop long-term alliances.