Don DiCostanzo Vic Keller September 25, 2022

Don DiCostanzo

Don DiCostanzo co-founded Experience Ventures in 2006 along with Vic Keller where they focused on investing in lower-middle market companies and helping them scale. In his current role at Experience Ventures, Don is an Operating Partner focused on helping our portfolio companies reach their maximum potential.

Don brings with him decades of experience as an investor and a world-class operator. Don spent over 20 years at Wynn’s, rising to become president of the global leader of innovative products and programs for the automotive industry. When Wynn’s was acquired by Parker Hannifin in 2000, Don took over as Group President of Parker Hannifin, providing strong leadership in a dynamic marketplace. This proved to be an exceptional foundation for his entrepreneurial ventures that followed.

Don went on to build several of his own successful companies. In 2002 Don, along with Vic Keller, co-founded ZAK Products and ZAKTEK Car Wash Systems. The companies owned and operated 90 car washes and distributed chemicals and automotive service equipment to franchised car dealerships throughout the United States. During that time, Don also co-founded Prism Automotive, a very successful trade magazine publishing company. In 2010, Don became the first angel investor in TicketSocket which is an online ticketing platform. He also co-founded Bringpro, an on-demand large item delivery service venture.

Don most recently served as the Founder and CEO of Pedego Electric Bikes, the largest ebike retailer in the U.S. Pedego transformed the electric bicycle industry with bold marketing, best-in-class technology, smart leadership and innovative products. Don provided his leadership skills to delight Pedego customers and assist Pedego’s growing 240+ brick and mortar store locations to be successful.

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